Category: Recent Projects

  • Our Favorite Videos

    While we do our best on every project, here are some of our favorite videos produced by Center Street Productions.

  • Iroquois Paving Corporation

    Iroquois Paving Corporation

    You might think road construction is just an annoying pain in the summertime, but here at Center Street Productions, we love asphalt. We’ve worked with Iroquois Paving Corporation for several years now, highlighting the art of asphalt in a variety of videos designed to educate, inspire, and recruit for the company.

  • High Velocity Communications | Caterpillar

    High Velocity Communications | Caterpillar

    We’ve worked closely with High Velocity Communications for many years to provide video production services telling customer stories for Caterpillar, Inc and Caterpillar dealers across the country in the Heavy Equipment, Electric Power, and Paving divisions among others. Typically we will travel and shoot video for High Velocity, and they do the final editing using…

  • Nichols Paint and Fab

    Nichols Paint and Fab

    Sparks to fly, metal to burn!! Nichols Paint and Fab is building real hotrods and having real fun, located in Watseka IL. Starring in the show Wrench’d on MotorTrend Network, this crew builds seriously cool hotrods right in our hometown. Phil Gioja had the opportunity to shoot for Wrench’d, and when the show ended, Center…

  • Serve Together: Vermilion County

    Serve Together: Vermilion County

    This grassroots organization brings together volunteers from all walks of life in Vermilion County, and matches them with service projects spread out across the county for one Saturday a year. Center Street Productions has been asked each year to create a highlights video of as many projects as we can possibly cover during the day.…

  • City Government in Danville Illinois

    City Government in Danville Illinois

    As part of an initiative to help Danville residents understand how the city works, Center Street Productions was asked to produce several videos showing different parts of city government and a variety of city staff and elected officials.

  • Illinois 4-H

    Illinois 4-H

    Illinois 4-H prepares youth to solve Illinois’ problems by producing the leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, stewards, and builders we need. 4-H builds good leaders by giving them safe environments to practice all the skills needed to be successful leaders. We’re excited to partner with Illinois 4-H to capture event video stories that help showcase all the…

  • City of Watseka, Illinois

    City of Watseka, Illinois

    Watseka is a unique community located in the heart of Iroquois County. Surrounded by farmland, Watseka has many amenities you’d expect to find in a much larger community combined with the best of small-town living. As our hometown, we love every opportunity we’re given to help showcase what our community has to offer. Here’s a…

  • First Fridays in Downtown Danville Illinois

    First Fridays in Downtown Danville Illinois

    The First Fridays in Downtown Danville team has worked tirelessly for the last several years to bring excitement, activity, and revitalization to the city center. These themed events have created lasting memories, drawn hundreds if not thousands of people, and sparked an environment of new growth and creativity for downtown businesses and organizations. Center Street…